Tõnu Naissoo trio ”Turning point”

Release Date: 2023-03-10
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APSoon Recording has started the production of a new record series – “Estonian jazz” in addition to the series “Estonian Organs”. As part of the series, we release the best of jazz already recorded on analog audio media and record Estonian jazz musicians using the high-definition method (DSD). The audio medium remains the vinyl record, which has proven itself as a true sound image transmitter. The first thing we are working on is a new release of the 1981 vinyl record “Turning Point” by the Tõnu Naissoo trio. This record has been recorded by Enn Laidre with excellent knowledge and published by the contemporaneous USSR Melodyja. In the new version, we will adjust the sound image a bit, make a new design and review. The vinyl record should go on sale in May this year